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JavaScript,PHP,Node,Perl,LAMP Web Developer – http://williamjxj.com; https://github.com/williamjxj?tab=repositories

Google maps application: finding nearby stores, restaurant

I developed an web application which has the following features:

(1) tools: google map APIs + PHP + MySQL + AJAX

(2) locating user position (Latitudes and Longitudes), then searching shopping stores and restaurants nearby.

For example, if a mobile user travels to Vancouver BC, in Downtown Burrard station, when he accesses the web application, the application will indicate him the stores and restaurants nearby. By default, all the stores and restaurants are listed within 2KM distance, in the style of google maps.

The advantages are:
(2.a) User can customize the distance, for example, 10KM, or 2 Miles.
(2.b) the maps can give user the details of how to get there. Exactly the same function with google maps itself.
(2.c) the stores and restaurants’ pictures and details are showed besides the map, so user can find more information about each individual target.
(2.d) The lists are sorted, the map is zoomable, with extended features of advanced search function.

(3) The application can cover all the Canada and United States.
For example, if user wants to find all San Fransisco’s stores and restaurants, the application will count all the records in this city, approximately 2000 records, and mark them as dots in maps. So user can clearly find out which area has more stores. and the dots are clickable, that means all the information are in user’s mouse which he clicks.

(4) The application is a package, can integrate with other applications, such as CMS system.

(5) a simple mobile service version is also available with the package.

It is really pretty cool.


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