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Ajax-based CRUD automatic generator

Recently I implemented an automatic CRUD generator which is driven by Ajax.
The following are the description and features:

  • CRUD is create, read (retrieve), update, and delete. Which means data can be dynamically operated through web pages.
  • The only requirement is a Data-driven source, which could be Database table(s), CVS file, XML file, etc. This data source is used as CRUD. For an example, the blogs data from worldpress.com, which is easily integrated and displayed by using my software.
  • No need coding, all application is automatically generated by config file. The config file is simply a .txt file, more easily than Drupal’s config files.
  • Based on the data source and config file, the software will do all the rest work automatically. Much easier, more high performance than Drupal CMS.
  • The software is written by PHP, MySQL(as default source), jQuery and its plugins, Smarty Templates, PEAR MDB2 in Linux environment and Window’s XAMPP. It is universal designed and target to suit different environments.
  • jQuery + Smarty templates give the ability to separate View from Business Logic; more easily change web skins (themes); enhance performance by refresh part instead of whole web page; avoid page reload and decrease server-side consume
  • The software is very easy to extend, integrated with different existing systems.

By using this software, guess how long you can deploy an application?
10 – 20 minutes. It is amazing, and it is true.
I deployed an application (a MySQL table with 45000 records), with the following features(but not limit): adding new record, list records, sorting, pagination, searching, generate CSV files, updating individual record, delete records, download selected records, column editing, auto refresh, AJAX, etc, it took me around 10 minutes, the webpage immediately displayed with all features running perfectly!
All I did is write a .txt config file, and write 3 PHP arrays. That’s it.


3 responses to “Ajax-based CRUD automatic generator

  1. David Dhont 07/22/2011 at 7:24 am

    With what software did you do this then?

    • williamjxj 07/24/2011 at 9:27 pm

      (1) I did / am doing it by using PHP + MySQL (PEAR::MDB2) + jQuery + Smarty Templates in a LAMP env.

      (2) I referred to some Drupal CMS concepts, some management-based apps’ concepts, as well as my experience which is related to it up to 5 years.

      (3) The purpose to do so is to provide a general, automation platform to manage dynamic data-driven ‘s list: CRUD as a SaaS, without hard-code for individual data-source.

      (4) A good example is:
      I downloaded my blog from https://williamjxj.wordpress.com (total 171 articles), and imported into my local environment – XMAPP.
      By some customizing and manually config (total 10 minutes), all the blogs are listed in the web pages, with all CRUD features, Ajax-based, very cool.
      It is quite exciting and certified universal, and could be used everywhere, with different data-source.

      (5) I have already developed some softwares regarding on auto scrapers – to automatically download data from different websites (even security websites), parse them, and insert them into Database (or other kinds of format such as XML).

      A good examples is that my software can download and extract data from famous public websites as daily-based routines to import data.

      Maybe this 2 kind of applications can be integrated together to provide some very good and useful services, I wonder.

      Also, for me, it is quite easy and quick to develop new applications if there are business requirements.

      (6) I am looking for some people with good business channels, sales market experience, customer service and management skills to cooperate together.

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