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jQuery examples summary 1

While frequently access live examples from http://api.jquery.com/, I find some examples are very useful. Here is my collection and summary from http://api.jquery.com/ for quick retrieve and reference:

jQuery Events

//1. click
$('selector').click(function(event) {
 $op = $(event.target); //which is more precise than $(this);
//2. submit
$('selector').bind('submit', function(event) {
 $op = $(event.target); //which is more precise than $(this);
//3. hover
$('selector').hover(function() {  // mouseover
 }, function() { //mouseout
//4. change
$('selector').live('change', function() {
 $.post(url, $('#f_'+division).serialize(), function(data) {  //AJAX-style model calling.
  $('#f_'+division).parent().parent().find('td:last label').text(data); //refresh

jQuery DOM Position

//1. append()
$("p").append( $("strong") );

//2. appendTo( target )
jQuery('#lista').live('dblclick', function() {
  $('#lista option:selected').appendTo('#listb');
$('<option>').val('newValue').text('Second Option')

//3. prepend()
$("p").prepend(document.createTextNode("Hello "));
$("p").prepend( $("b") );

var $newdiv1 = $('<div id="object1"/>'),
newdiv2 = document.createElement('div'),
existingdiv1 = document.getElementById('foo');
$('body').prepend($newdiv1, [newdiv2, existingdiv1]);

//4. prependTo( target )

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