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jQuery: Difference between .html().length and .length

in jQuery, it is very common to do the following 2 judges:

  1. Does the element exists?
    e.g., if a <div> exists, then add message to it; if not, create it then add message. In such case, use $(E).length.
  2. Does the element include something or empty?
    e.g., there is a <div>, how to know this div includes elements, html or just empty? In such case, use $(E).html().length.

The 2 judges are different, they are used in different case.

In case 1:

//if exist?  use $(element).length.
$('#divid').hover(function() {
 if($('#msg').length) {
 else {
  $('<span id="msg">some messages...</span>').appendTo('#divid');
}, function() {
 if($('#msg').length && $('#msg').is(':visible')) {

In case 2:

//Does element empty or include html?
if($("#divid").html().length==0) {

We can always use the following simple way to check:

var t = $(the_element);

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