William Jiang

JavaScript,PHP,Node,Perl,LAMP Web Developer – http://williamjxj.com; https://github.com/williamjxj?tab=repositories

Aptana plugin for git, jQuery

Aptana plugin for git, jQuery

Normally I use different tools to develop PHP, Perl:

  • Aptana for PHP and Perl projects
  • Dreamweaver for PHP project
  • vim for Perl and PHP, and other scripts
  • Others, such as notepad++, gVim, UltraEdit32 etc for documentary

For GUI tools, we can integrate some useful plugins:

  • git plugin in Aptana
  • jQuery plugin in Aptana
  • Some CSS plugin if have

This will be benefit for developer: embeded jQuery functions, git auto commit options; and, is it possible in the GUI, when import library/plugin, the editor can auto import its methods for inner-link?


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