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jQuery: jqtransform

Swith theme: using simple jqtransform

Jqtransform is a jQuery styling plugin which allows you to skin form elements:

It is very easy to use, and with good effect. It by default changes all the elements type and outlook such as submit, reset, input buttons, and removes all the events on these elements.

However, I don’t want to replace some <input> buttons, such as close button, coz there is default event on it. e.g. a close button has a ‘click’ event:

<input type="button" value="close" onClick="$('#div_search_2', window.parent.document).hide(); $('#div_search_1', window.parent.document).show();" />

If using jqtransform, it will replace the ‘close‘ button like this:

<button id="" name="" type="button" class="jqTransformButton"><span><span>Close</span></span></button>

It is not exactly I want, because it deletes its original ‘click’ event.
To make ‘close‘ button work properly, I have to modify the source codes of jqtransform.js. By doing slight changes, it works:

1. orginal:
$('input:submit, input:reset, input[type="button"]', this).jqTransInputButton();  
2. change to:
$('input:submit, input:reset', this).jqTransInputButton();

This will igore all the input with type=”button” inside this form.


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