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PHP: get file status, get MySQL table status

PHP: get File Status?

The following PHP function get server-side file stats, and present the file stats(accessed, modified, created) in webpage:

function get_file_stat($file)
 $ss = @stat(PATH.$file);
 if(!$ss) return false;
  return array(	
    'accessed'=>@date('Y M D H:i:s',$ss['atime']),
    'modified'=>@date('Y M D H:i:s',$ss['mtime']),
    'created'=>@date('Y M D H:i:s',$ss['ctime'])

// loop 'PATH' directory to get all files' stats,
// keep them in an associated array.
if (is_dir(PATH)) {
 $dir_res = opendir(PATH);
 while ($file=readdir($dir_res)) {
  if ($file=='..' || $file=='.') continue;
  $files[$file] = get_file_stat($file);

After the processing, all files’s stats under the ‘PATH’ directory is collected into $files array.

PHP: get MySQL table status

How to collect MySQL table information? such as table created, updated, author etc?

	$query = array(
 "SHOW TABLE STATUS FROM testdb WHERE name = 'table1'", 
 "SHOW TABLE STATUS FROM testdb WHERE name = 'table2'",
 "SHOW TABLE STATUS FROM testdb WHERE name = 'table3'",
 "SHOW TABLE STATUS FROM testdb WHERE name = 'table4'"
foreach ($query as $sql) {
 $result = mysql_query($sql);
 $info[] = mysql_fetch_assoc($result);
return $info;

//All the table's information is kept to $info array.
//Such as table updated time:
// $info[0]['Update_time'];

Above are the methods to collect Server-side files and MySQL Tables information. Sometimes they are very useful.


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