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jQuery Tooltip Plugins

jQuery Tooltip Plugins

I use jquery-qtip as my tooltip. However, there are so many jQuery based tooltips plugins.

Here I found a helpful resource list these colorful tooltips:


And, the following is my qtip codes, which is easy for retrieve and reference.

//1. load:
<script src="jquery-qtip/jquery.qtip-2.min.js">
//2. define:
$('#section ul li a.active', '#right').each(function() {
 var t = $(this).attr('href');
  content: '<img src="'+t+'" title="'+t+'" />',
  show: 'mouseover',
  hide: 'mouseout',
  position: {	corner: { target: 'topRight', tooltip: 'bottomLeft'	}},
  style: {
   tip: 'leftMiddle',
   width: 160,
   padding: 1,
   background: '#A2D959',
   color: 'black',
   textAlign: 'center',
   border: { width: 1,	radius: 10,	color: '#A2D959' },
   tip: 'bottomLeft',
   name: 'dark'

The above is a little difference from other samples since it dynamically gets displayed content.


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