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X-KUU: a lightweight CMS system

X-KUU: a lightweight CMS system

Today I created a project in sourceforge.net, the project name is x-kuu (extrame cool).

I am going to put x-kuu (extrame cool) (a CMS/ORM web-generating system) as a public open-source.


It will take me much time to do the configuration. However, I will do step by step in the following days.
The advantages of the project:

  • It is LAMP based Web App, including front-side general-purpose web-pages and back-end manage panels.
  • It is a SaaS (Software as a Service), used to quickly and powerful creating websites.
  • It is for general purpose: different data resources can be applied with the same PHP codes — ‘reuseable‘.
  • It is alike a ORM system(Object-relational mapping):
    the mapping of PHP codes and Database Structure are controlled by plain text configure files.
  • It is a MVC structure
  • for ‘V’: using Smarty templates.
  • jQuery supports: all AJAX features, plus jQuery 3rd plugins.
    For the View, using jQuery plus Smarty templates, it is a high efficient and reasonable solution.
  • Whole LCRUD features:
    List/sorting/pagination, create, update, view/edit, delete, generate csv/pdf/xml reports, etc.
  • Easy to configure:
    For new data sources, the only step to make it work is to add entries in a configure file, all the work is to edit this simple configure file.
  • Quick implementation:
    e.g., for a new data resources (MySQL table, csv file, XML file etc), it takes only 5-10 minutes to do configure; then all the features are applied.

Hope the x-kuu (extrame cool) project will benefit to others.


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