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Magento eCommerce Platform installation

Magento eCommerce Platform Installation

Magento (http://www.magentocommerce.com/) is a eCommerce Platform for buy and sale. It is hot and I installed it in my computer to analyze how it works.
Matengo’s installation guide is not clear enough, I summaried it up to the following steps to make the installation is successfully.

  1. The installation environment: XAMPP at Window 7.
  2. Softeware and Default data to be dowloaded and installed
    (a) Magento: Free Commnity Version
    (b) magento-sample-data- the demo database
  3. Create the demo store database and import data:
    (a) Create an empty MySQL database; create database matengo;
    (b) Create a database user with full privileges to the database:
    grant all on matengo.* to matengo@localhost identified by ‘matengo’;
    (c) Load sample data, you must do it now, before you run the setup Wizard in the next step
    use phpmyadmin’s import function to do so.
    (d) Move the sample media folder into the Magento media folder for your installation
    If you’re using an FTP program, drop the contents of the sample media folder into the media folder for your Magento installation. If you’re using the command line, modify the following command to match your directory names:
    mv magento-sample-data-* magento/media/
    (e) Go to website (like http://localhost/magento or http://yourIP.0.0.1/magento) and follow up the Setup Wizard to finish installation.

After that, you can access the front side by:

Front side: http://localhost/magento/

Or: to backend admin panel by:

http://localhost/admin/, or: http://localhost/magento/index.php/admin/

There are 2 helpful articles which give the instruction of installation:
Magento Installation Cheat Sheet, and:
Installing the Sample Data for Magento.

A potential problem is when you access backend admin panel http://localhost/admin/, there probably cookie issues which deny the access, an helpful article to solve the problem is at:
Can’t login to admin after installation.


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