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Install CentOS 5.8

Install CentOS 5.8

Recently I installed CentOS 5.8 in a virtual host by using VMware vSphere Client tool. CentOS is a community Enterprise-class Linux Distribution(CentOS stands for Community ENTerprise Operating System). Currently latest version is 6.2; for back-compatible reason, I download version 5 (release 5.8).

1. For Linux, I ever used several OS systems, from RedHat, Fedora(community-supported Project, sponsored by Red Hat), Ubuntu (a GUI + Sudo system) to current CentOS, and find CentOS and RedHat are alike traditional UNIX system, thus much easily to use and control, much better than Fedora and Ubuntu. Besides, CentOS is free of charge, so it should be the first choice for experience LAMP professionals.

2. The install media are generally ISO images. The CentOS ISO images installation modes are various, can be from Internet (netinstall), remote computer (connect repository directory to remote installation virtual host), DVS/CD-RW (LiveCD), Floppy Disk, etc.

Burn DVD/CD-RW is not necessary. This time I directly use the ISO images located in remote computer to finish the installation. Steps:

  • Download all CentOS ISO images to locally in C:\centOS\ directory. I download the CD version, total 8 ISO files; It would be better to download DVD version which only 2 ISO files. It took time to do so since each of them is greater than 600MB;
  • Open vSphere Client, in tool bar, connect C:\centOS\centOSimage1.iso to remote virtual host server.
  • Install can start right away from the immediate connection. It is just like install from a local media.
  • Active the control terminal, when boot: promoter occurs, click to start installation.
  • The installation process is pretty easy, just follow the steps, the 2 difficult points might be: network configuration and email setup.

Reference: here is a CentOS Installation Guide. Not latest version, but helpful for installation.


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