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NodeJS & Express: Upload Images

NodeJS & Express: Upload Images

There is an excellent article showing to use Node.js and Express to upload file/image. For the upload form:

<form id="uploadForm"
 <input type="file" id="userPhotoInput" name="userPhoto" />

It uses setInterval call function, that is continually checking the value of the input element, once it has a value it can assume the user has selected a file and it will kick off the upload.

 var timerId;
   timerId = setInterval(function() {
   if($('#userPhotoInput').val() !== '') {
 }, 500);

I can list many reasons that setInterval here is not a suitable solution. For general usage, I change it to onChange event:

$('#userPhotoInput').change(function(e) {
   //nothing to do if the upload field is null
   if($(this).val()=='' || /^\s+$/.test($(this).val()) return false;
   else $('#uploadForm').submit();
   return false;

This way seems much better: when upload field changes, the changed file/image immediately uploaded, if null, nothing to upload.


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