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V8 JavaScript Engine – NodeJS uses it.

V8 – V8 JavaScript Engine – NodeJS uses it.

This V8 is not the V8 juice. It is V8 JavaScript Engine from Google. According to wiki, The V8 JavaScript Engine is an open source JavaScript engine developed by Google. It ships with the Google Chrome web browser.

It is platform-independent, is compatible with different OS. All the browsers from different OS (mobile, mac, desktop, and laptop) should have same behavior.

From the following video, we can find how it works: not class inheritance, class method & property, it is sharing hidden properties among different objects. it is a very cool concept!

From the video, we can find that unlike traditional prototype-based/driven JavaScript, V8 uses hidden class, a very smarty concept.
It has 3 keys:

  • hidden class
  • a generated code – 1 time compiling – fast
  • efficient memory management system

V8 was not designed as a server-side engine, but as a browser-based engine.
V8 JavaScript Engine ships with Google Chrome browser; However, it is also a separate alone-project, the hot NodeJS is currently tightly coupled to Google’s V8 engine.


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