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Use github.com to store my repository

github.com: store my application

Sometimes backup codes between different machines is a little bitter, especially between different OS. github.com is a good place to store resources and sync between different machines and team members. The following lists simple steps to do so.

in https://github.com

  1. login into https://github.com
  2. Follow the link: Create a Repository to create a empty repository for my new codes.
    It is quite easy: just select a reposiotry name, here for example is repository, thus the acess path is https://github.com/myaccount/repository.git.

That’s it. Then locally to create repository and upload to github.

Locally in my Ubuntu

I want to create a dir named repository to hold my codes application; then, push the application into github.com for sharing and backup. The following are the steps:

$ cd repository
$ git init
// first pull from github.com to sync with remote
$ git pull https://github.com/myaccount/repository.git
// add,modify whatever I want.
// edit .gitignore
$ git add .
$ git commit -a -m "whatever"
$ git push https://github.com/myaccount/repository.git

Right now, the local Ubuntu and remote https://github.com are sync with my latest codes.


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