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jQuery $.cookie: remember me

jQuery $.cookie: remember me

I found a useful article regarding on jQuery cookie’s remember me functionality: http://eisabainyo.net/weblog/2009/02/20/store-login-information-in-cookie-using-jquery/.
I did a little re-writing to make it better. E.g, by using array pm instead of scalar variables to store the small group of 3 elements seems more reasonable.

1. Store into cookies.

 $('#login_form').submit(function() {
  var expires_day = 365;
  if ($('#rememberme2').is(':checked')) {
    $.cookie('pm[email]', $('#email2').val(), { expires: expires_day });
    $.cookie('pm[password]', $('#password2').val(), { expires: expires_day });
    $.cookie('pm[remember]', true, { expires: expires_day });
  else {
    // reset cookies.
    $.cookie('pm[email]', null);
    $.cookie('pm[password]', null);
    $.cookie('pm[remember]', false);
  return true; //let is continue

2.Read from cookies

$(document).ready(function() {
  var remember = $.cookie('pm[remember]');
  if (remember) {
    $('#rememberme2').attr("checked", true);

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