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a MySQL procedure, and a tip

a MySQL procedure, and a tip

I wrote a simple MySQL stored-procedure to random set column value, it is interesting:

create procedure cur_update()
 declare a tinyint unsigned;
 declare b varchar(128);
 declare c int unsigned;

 declare curl2 CURSOR for select cid from contents 
   where updated > '2012-09-05';

 open curl2;

  fetch curl2 into c;
  select cid, name into a, b from categories order by rand() limit 1;  
  update contents ct 
    set ct.cate_id = a, ct.category = b
    where ct.cid = c;
end LOOP;

close curl2;


It works fine.
For a non-english database, if backup and recover, it might have problem without charset setting, should like this:

$ mysql -u root utf8_general_ci-db --default-character-set=utf8 < 

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