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CSS tips: Initializr, HTML5 Boilerplate, skype phone display, minify CSS

1. How do I prevent phone numbers looking twice as large and having a Skype highlight?

If this is occurring, it is because a user has the Skype browser extension installed.
Use the following CSS to prevent Skype from formatting the numbers on your page:

span.skype_pnh_container {
    display: none !important;

span.skype_pnh_print_container {
    display: inline !important;

2. How can I integrate Twitter Bootstrap with HTML5 Boilerplate?

You can use Initializr to create a custom build that includes HTML5 Boilerplate with Twitter Bootstrap.

Read more about how HTML5 Boilerplate and Twitter Bootstrap complement each other.

3. Minify Your CSS

Here is a Free CSS Compressor and CSS Compression Tool:

4. CSS tips

Here are some CSS Best Practices extracted from the book ‘Visual QuickStart Guide’ by ‘Jason Cranford Teague’.

  • Prefer shorthand properties. use ‘Font’ to set multiple values with a single property.
    This not only cuts down on the amount of code, it also keeps similar property
    values together, makeing editing easier.
  • Use RGB for color:
    RGB values are easier for mere mortals to understan and you can now set transparent colors using RGBA.
  • Use background images or other styles for interface chrome.
  • Use CSS form simple background gradients.
  • Favor margin over padding.
  • Favor <link> over @import.

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