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JavaScript: call vs. apply

JavaScript: call vs. apply

JavaScript call() requires the parameters be listed explicitly, when apply() accepts an array as parameter, here is my usage:

function call_apply(x,y) {
 console.log(JSON.stringify(x) +','+JSON.stringify(y));

var ary = [
    {user:'user1', pass: 'pass1'}, 
    {user:'user2', pass: 'pass2'}

if($.isFunction(call_apply)) {
  // call(thisObject, arg1, arg2, ...)
  call_apply.call(this, ary[0], ary[1]);

  // apply(thisObject, arrayOfArgs)
  call_apply.apply(this, ary);
else {
 console.log('NO function.');

Will return same result.


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