William Jiang

JavaScript,PHP,Node,Perl,LAMP Web Developer – http://williamjxj.com; https://github.com/williamjxj?tab=repositories

WordPress Blog Templates: https://github.com/williamjxj/wordpress_blog_template

WordPress Blog Templates

I have 2 web repositories to store my WordPress blogs:

Sometimes it is boring to post the same content twice, especially when the content is longer. Login to admin panel -> post new -> submit, not quite efficient.


I plan to use 3 steps to make it more automatic in my spare-time:

  1. Use templates (Here I use Dreamweaver’s .lbi and .tpl template). By put the templates in github, I can git clone or git pull anywhere whenever I want to write something. The templates are currently accessible at:


  2. Write perl scripts to directly interact WordPress database instead of screen, which cover tag, publish date, category etc.
  3. Every time when post, keep a copy in a mongo-based repository for integrating with other apps.

By the way, this template was done by Dreamweaver, and using Git Gui + Gui Shell to manage (need a ssh-key first).

Probably Gist can be used to do some storage.


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