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jQuery.extend & callback

jQuery.extend & callback

Here is my simple example to use jQuery.extend to add params and callback function.

jQuery.fn.threeColumns = function(params, callback) {
  var opts = {
    fsize_step: 2,
    //will use for element.css(opts.adjust_box());
    adjust_box: function() {
      return {
        'margin': '20px',
        'padding': '20px',
        'height': 'auto'
  jQuery.extend(opts, params);

  if(typeof opts.adjust_box === 'function') {

$('div.container').threeColumns({a:'b'}, function(params){

//Will display:
Object { margin="20px", padding="20px", height="auto"}
Object { fsize_step=2, a="b", adjust_box=function()}

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