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Parasitic + Combination Inheritance

JavaScript: Parasitic + Combination Inheritance

The Parasitic + Combination Inheritance which I use in my codes:

//Parasitic + Combination Inheritance
// reference:
function object(o) {
  function F(){}
  F.prototype = o;
  return new F();
// deal with prototype:
function inheritPrototype(child, parent) {
  function F() {}
  F.prototype = parent.prototype;
  var p = new F();
  p.constructor = child;
  child.prototype = p;

function Super(args) {
 //this attrs and methods
Super.prototype.say1 = function() {
  //process args...

function Sub(args, more_args) {
  //inherit Super
  Super.call(this, args);
  this.more_arges = more_args;
inheritPrototype(Sub, Super);

Sub.prototype.say2 = function() {
  // process more_args;

These are original from Nicholas Zakas’s ‘Professional JavaScript for Web Developers (3rd Edition)’ which I refer to.


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