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JavaScript,PHP,Node,Perl,LAMP Web Developer – http://williamjxj.com; https://github.com/williamjxj?tab=repositories

Angular, Express, MongoDB demo

Angular, Express, MongoDB

I wrote a sample demo by using angular-fullstack to demonstrate pagination, sorting, search. It is pretty cool.

The demo demonstates a complete implementation of search, sort, pagination, could easily pickup and extendable to complex project.

  1. Codes: https://github.com/williamjxj/angularjs_mongodb

  2. Demo URL: http://dixitruth.com:9001/

To implement locally, first make sure your mongod is running, then:

 $ git clone ..;
 $ npm install
 $ bower install
 $ grunt serve

Then, visit http://localhost:9001 to see the demo!


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