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tips of using Jetbrains, xdebug and vim

The following are some summary using PhpStorm and vi.

1.vi: jump position

The following includes some strange symbols for vim, however useful:

Ctrl + o takes to previous location.
`. take you to the last change you made.
CTRL-O and CTRL-I seem to take you back and forth (Ctrl-o, Ctrl-i)


Redo / Undo
u: undo last change
Ctrl-R: Redo
U: return the last line which was modified to its original state

2. phpstorm

Excellent IDE: history, github integration, xdebug, code styles, ftp deployment, a lot of features which make development much easier.

// Always:
Ctrl + Shift + a

To navigate to a recently opened file: Ctrl+E
To navigate to a recently edited file:
Ctrl-Shift-E (recently opened file)
Ctrl-E (recently edited file)

Navigate a class, file or symbol with the specified name:
Class: Ctrl+N
File (directory): Ctrl+Shift+N
Symbol: Ctrl+Shift+Alt+N

To navigate to the next/previous change in the editor:
shortcuts: Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Down or Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Up.

Ctrl+b: open the function's source defination.
Ctrl+F12: show herited members.
Alt-click to close other files.

3. xdebug & phpStorm

By using XAMPP’s xdebug, and phpStorm, make drupal debug works in a web-application env.

To start Xdebug, you’ll need to append the XDEBUG_SESSION_START=xxx section to the url, i.e.:

It does not matter which browser you use, as long as the HTTP request is going to the apache/PHP server that has xdebug installed and configured.

Configuring XDebug with PHPStorm:


4. Run node in webstorm

JetBrains’ Webstorm is fabulous. the ctrl+shift+a shortcut key is great, and git is pretty helpful.
Some useful shortcut keys:

PhpStorm Default Keymap – JetBrains

such as CTRL + SHIFT + F,


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