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Another AngularJS email-list CRUD management demo

AngularJS email-list CRUD management sample

I wrote a sample demo by using angular-fullstack to demonstrate CRUD (create, retrieve, update, delete), pagination, sorting, search. It is pretty cool.
Compare to previous one, this demo includes more rich features – CRUD implementation.
The sample demonstrates a complete implementation of CRUD, could easily pickup and extensible to complex project.

  1. Codes: https://github.com/williamjxj/angular_emails

  2. Demo URL: http://dixitruth.com:9000/

To implement locally, first make sure your mongod is running, then:

 $ git clone ..;
 $ npm install
 $ bower install
 $ grunt serve

Then, visit http://localhost:9000 to see the demo!

It should work fine in various platform: Windows, Windows WebStorm IDE, CentOS, Mac etc.


Some tips from work

Some tips from work

Recently use some new technologies, and note as below:

Node.JS: The Good Parts? A skeptic’s View

  • when.js, cujo.js, promises
  • CouchDB, CouchBase
  • MapReduce, GFS, BigTable
  • KendoUI
  • ZeroMQ vs. RabbitMQ
  • Angular’s provider, factory (return function) and service (constructor)
    Angular.JS is suitable for Mobile Application.
  • Mobile Server:
    Platform Transport: JSON in & out
    Nginx as Web Server
    CDN for Static Content
    Log/Track Everything
  • Mobile Web:
    Backbone for MVC
    Underscore for utils
    Zepto for DOM Manipulation
    Modified iScroll for Scrolling
    LocalStorage for personal Cache
    SASS for CSS
    Closure for compiling
    Hash based Loader

3 apps in http://dixitruth.com

3 apps in http://dixitruth.com

I added 3 apps in http://dixitruth.com, they are:

  1. http://dixitruth.com/php_rest/
    My demo for php + slimframework + mysql for REST APIs
  2. http://dixitruth.com:3000/
    My demo for node.js + compoundjs + mongodb for REST APIs
  3. http://dixitruth.com:8888/
    Node.js, AngularJS, MongoDB, which I clone from jsGen: https://github.com/zensh/jsgen, very cool.