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Ruby On Rails vs. Catalyst vs. Django

Ruby On Rails vs. Catalyst vs. Django

For Agile web developing, there are several choices by using Ruby On Rails, Django or Catalyst.

It seems not enough updated comparation articles in the web. From my point of view, they are almost the same in a overall: same C/S structure, same MVC style, same dispatching control management, same running environment; just different languages. They are not traditional Web developing mode (LAMP: Lunux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), thus lack of almost the same functionalities of PHP’s web framework, such as CMS system.

For Ruby On Rails, Django and Catalyst:

  • They are all MVC Web Framework.
  • Agile Web development methodology that is for rapid development.
  • Catalyst uses Perl. Thus can feed off Perl’s vast CPAN resource library.
  • Ruby on Rails (ROR) uses Ruby, mature existing applications, good documents.
  • Django uses Python. Python is a OO script language that is supported by Google. That’s the benefits

Each of them has advantages and huge supports. Which one do you prefer? My choice is using Catalyst as a supplement for my primary developing mode LAMP, because I am a Perl guy except from favorite PHP.


Perl Catalyst: Web Mashups with Catalyst

Web Mashups with Catalyst

Perl’s Catalyst is a MVC web framework which is very like Ruby On Rails, or Python’s Django.I did quick development by using it. Here is a helpful document which leads a quick start:

Web Mashups with Catalyst

The following are features of Catalyst, the elegant MVC framework:

  • Perl-based web framework
  • MVC architecture
  • Flexible URL dispatcher
    Self-contained, no external file
  • Philosophy / coding practices
    • DRY – Don’t Repeat Yourself
    • Glue – Thin Controllers / Model Wrappers
    • Maintainability, maintainability, and maintainability