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WordPress vs. Joomla vs. Drupal

When we talk about CMS (Content management System), the first thing that pops up are Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. These three big names are the most well known CMS out there, but which one is right for you?

I installed all of them in my computer, using and developing them off and on. By reading and integrating from the web and combining my experience, my conclusion is:

  • WordPress for straight up, personal or small blogs.
    WordPress UI / usability beats Joomla and Drupal for its very easy use in that aspect.
  • Joomla for community based sites for middle size scale
    Joomla is a compromise between WordPress and Drupal. It is not too difficult, but not as powerful (and elegant) as Drupal.
  • Drupal for more advanced coding requirements scalable and complex
    Drupal is very complex and it takes time and effort to learn this system. Just try’n’error doesnt work very good here. But it is the most powerful system of all 3 of them

If there are simple Sites I would prefer WordPress. If it goes deeper, I would (and have to) choose Drupal.
Joomla seems having more themes and has its big community and is widely spread.
The following is from the web, also added my comments.


WordPress is an excellent CMS when it comes to blogging and publishing your brain-work and thoughts.

WordPress is currently being used by 202 million websites. This particular CMS is commonly used as a basic content management system. It has many features such as widgets which can be arranged without editing the HTML, Search engine friendly, multiple categories to a blog post can be created and allows tagging of blog posts and articles.

WordPress is developed and predefined as a blog so its set up is not a very hectic process, also has multiple Blogging options or profiles, in built Comments and Pinging service etc. Integrated with all these supportive features WordPress is not considered as a Developer friendly CMS and this CMS might bring more bugs with its new upgrades but the best part of WordPress is that it is easy to use and mostly people get a hang of it in no time.


Joomla provides a platform to publish the content on World Wide Web. It’s basic features are:

  • Caching
  • RSS feeds
  • Printable web pages
  • News flashes
  • Blogs Polls
  • Search
  • Language internationalization support

Joomla is Designer and Developer friendly as it offers a wider platform for developers to customize and introduce new features in the system and the capability to improve the look and feel of the website is surely widely accepted by designers all across. Joomla is capable enough to handle a vast community and has been in proper use since past 2-3 years.
As compared to WordPress and Drupal, Joomla still needs to do improvisation in lots of areas. Joomla needs to steal some of the User Friendliness from WordPress and flexibility from Drupal. Joomla is not XHTML Complaint and lacks the option to create multi-sites.


Drupal is used as a back-end system for different types of websites. It can be used for a small FAQ site or may be a large corporate website. Drupal has the ability to incorporate features like:

  • Registering and Maintaining user accounts
  • Creating and Handling menus
  • RSS feeds
  • Customization of a layout
  • Internet Forum
  • Single or multi User blog
  • Powerful template system

Drupal is every developers heaven as it requires plenty of hard code to be done and a nightmare for designers offering a very few options to improve the look feelings of a Drupal website. Drupal is also not a very user friendly CMS. Websites like MTV UK, BBC, the Onion, Greenpeace UK etc use Drupal.
It’s difficult to recommend on CMS over the others without knowing what you plan to do with it. So basically, here’s a very basic outline of what each should be used for. This by no means defines that boundaries of what each CMS can do.

  • Blogging:
    For everyday blogging, I’d say WordPress is the right choice. It’s very simple to use, and requires little configuration.
  • Communities:
    To start a community with multiple users, I’d recommend Drupal and Joomla. Both are built with the idea of multiple users in mind, so you’ll have very nice groundwork for setting up a community.
  • For Developers:
    Drupal has a very extensive API and is well documented. It’s very suitable for the more developer oriented out there.
  • Most User Friendly:
    Out of all three, I’d have to say WordPress is the most easy to use. It’s very user friendly and has a multitude of tutorials and FAQ’s out there.
  • E-Commence:
    If you’re looking to start a online store, I’d recommend using Joomla and Drupal. While both do not function as a store out of the box, with a few modules/plugins, it can become a fully functioning, very flexible, online store.