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Tips for RubyMine and Aptana IDE

I am using Aptana Studio 3 and RubyMine 5.0.2 for Rails development. I have to switch between CentOS 6.3 and Window 7 environment, aside with github.com for version control, sometimes they are difficult to sync and debug Rails projects in CentOS 6.3.

Gradually I summarized up some tips to operate conveniently. Here are some sumup:

1. Use Windows’ RubyMine IDE to debug Linux Rails projects

  • The IDE is JetBrain’s RubyMine in Windows 7;
  • While the codes are in CentOS.

In this case I use Windows’ network mapping tool to map the CentOs directory to Windows local virtual drive, such as ‘Y’, or ‘Z’ disk.

The steps:
(1) Mapping:
Windows Explorer -> Tools -> Map network drive…
Do the configure:
Folder: Y
Location: \\linux_centos_6.3\webdev
to connect the server to local Y drive.

(2) Create Rails Project:
Then, in JetBrains RubyMine 5.0.2
File -> New Project ->
in ‘Create New project’ screen:
Project name: linx_ruby_project
Location : Y:/ruby_project
Project type: Rails application

This way, in Windows’ RubyMine IDE, we can code/debug Rails codes in CentOS in Real-time.

2. Change Aptana 3 themes

I prefer to use Aptana Studio 2 theme. To change it, Here is my steps in Aptana IDE:

Window -> Preferences -> Aptana Studio -> Themes -> Aptana Studio 2.x

3. use Samba service:

I don’t have much time to do the Samba stuff, however, there are a lot of resources in the web for access Linux resources by using Samba protocal.
I just list the basic steps to start Samba Service.
In CentOs:
// 1. config samba services
// 2. run samba daemon
$ sudo service smb start

Then, in Windows,
to access the resources in CentOs server.

4. Access github resource from RubyMine

(1) Download and install ‘Github’ for Windows:
In https://github.com
Applications -> GitHub for Windows -> to Download ‘Github’ for Windows
git clone the projects whatever you want to locally.

(2) import to RubyMine IDE:
In RubyMine IDE, to create project for the cloned projects.

(3) in RubyMine IDE menu:
-> VCS
-> Checkout from Version Control -> GitHub

Git Repository URL: git@github.com:williamjxj/sample.git
Parent Directory: C:\RubymineProjects\
Directory Name: sample
Then click ‘Clone’.


Ruby IDE: Aptana Studio 3 vs. RubyMine

Ruby IDE: Aptana Studio 3 vs. RubyMine

JetBrains’s WebSotrm for JavaScript/NodeJS development is very cool.
WebStorm is a JavaScript IDE, also a HTML editor. I used it in both Windows as well as in Ubuntu environments.

Now Using its serial production RubyMine for Rails development.

All JetBrains’ productions are not free, including WebStorm and RubyMine, but with good quality.

Aptana Studio 3 is also a good choice, and a benefits over RubyMine is that Aptana is free.

By comparing both of them in the environment of Ruby and Rails developments, I vote for RubyMine. It is slighter easy and convenient to use and more quick.

An other comparison result is to Aptana IDE, which can be installed in CentOS 6.3, but RubyMine is only a Windows version.