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PHP: auto adjust textarea height

PHP: auto adjust textarea height

I wrote a simple PHP code to auto adjust textarea height:

function set_height($str) {
  $ary = explode("\n", $str);
  $style = '';
  if(is_array($ary) && count($ary)>1) {
    $height = 18 * count($ary);
    $style=' style="height:'.$height.'px; width:600px;" ';
  return $style;

It is very stright:

  • How many line of the displayed content?
  • The linkes times 18 will be the textarea height (estimated)
  • add the dynamic data as a style attribue of the textarea.

That’s it. The following is the samples to use it:

// 1. set variables.
$s1 = "this is first line.\nthis is second line.\nthis is third line.\nthis is fifth line.\nthis is sixth line.";
$s2 = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. 
Cras semper, sem id semper tempus, 
risus risus commodo metus, 
vel auctor lacus augue non tellus. 
Sed hendrerit euismod turpis at porta. 
// 2. testing.
<textarea <?=set_height($s1);?> ><?=$s1;?></textarea>
<br />
<textarea <?=set_height($s2);?> ><?=$s2;?></textarea>

They display different height according to content. Pretty cool.


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